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                                                       Wedding Reception Dinner

Our facilities are available for rental November through September (during October you can reserve an area for your group).  Great for wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, holiday meals, group meetings and other group activities.  We supply the kitchen area, trash cans, bathrooms, and an outdoor play area for children.  We also have multimedia equipment for music, or you can watch presentations, sports or movies on our 9 ft projection screen. 

During October your group can reserve a room for a central gathering area, or for birthday parties or group activities.  Each person will just need to pay the admission fee for the Pumpkin Patch, there is no extra charge for using the area.  Feel free to bring your own cakes or snacks and we'll supply the fun!

Rates:  The wedding reception rate is $600 plus table and chair rental, the minimum total rental fee is $800.  Other events are priced based on the event, $125 for 4 hours, then $50/hr for each extra hour.  Depending on the event, there may be additional cleaning and rental fees.  Call 785 667-4668 to get more information and to discuss your plans.  You can arrange to come out at an earlier time to set up decorations.  Wedding rental fees for tables are $6 each, and chairs for $1.25 each, with seating available for up to 200 people.